Henrik Sandberg Ballowitz

As a child I absorbed the art of woodworking from my father, a seasoned cabinetmaker. Early on, my days were spent in his workshop, soaking in the skills of the trade. Alongside this, I discovered my love for playing the guitar from a young age, a passion that would shape my journey.

At the Rudolf Steiner School, where creativity was nurtured, I explored various artistic disciplines, including wood carving. Playing the guitar and delving into woodwork naturally led me to a point where I began fixing my own instruments. This hands-on experience sparked a deeper interest in the craft.

My journey as a guitar maker began when, at the age of 18, I built my first electric guitar. Though imperfect, it marked the start of my dedication to the craft. 

A significant milestone came during a month-long course at the European Institution of Guitar Making under the guidance of Stephen Hill and Graham Emes in 2017. It was there that I created my first Spanish guitar.

While pursuing my education in organ building, which started with cabinetmaking studies at “Next” in Copenhagen, I secured an apprenticeship at Frobenius and sons, a respected organ building company. Three years of apprenticeship transitioned into three years of crafting organs while nurturing my love for guitar making at “61 Objekter,” a workshop collective in Copenhagen.

The depth of my connection with Spanish guitars grew during an unexpected period in 2020. Spending two transformative months in Spain under Stephen Hill’s mentorship, I crafted three remarkable guitars.

In the autumn of 2023, a pivotal shift occurred. I decided to leave my role as an organ builder to focus solely on the art of crafting guitars. Today, I stand poised at a new chapter, ready to weave melodies and stories through the timeless resonance of handmade Spanish guitars.